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Mothra! Mothra! Flight of Mothra! (X2) From Infant Island, she's coming to Leeds. Gonna battle Rodan by the DWP. She's heard the call, knows are buildings are shit. She'll solve the problem by flying over it. Mothra! Mothra! Flight of Mothra! (X2) The cocoon has hatched, it's all too late. When Bridgewater falls there'll be no wake. They gentrified the city centre, but insect love leaves a glorious crater. "Pigs can't do shit", the skyline's tedious. My airborne god makes it all meaningless. You poor fools, you made Ghidora your king. She'll show you, Mothra will raise everything. Holy shit she levelled Opal One! Trinity's gone, we'll stand in the ash of your dreams. Aesthetic wrath, to free us she'll use any means. It's alright. If it's still standing, it's ours.


from Negi Surf demo, released July 27, 2013



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Endless Rope Leeds, UK

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